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Lead Generation.
Sales Process.

Place quality, in-demand candidates for your clients or don’t pay us a cent, backed by our Application Overload Guarantee. 

15 Minute Call With Our Experts. No Sales BS. Just Strategy.

Application Overload Guarantee

Nobody wants to pay for a “maybe”. You don’t pay a mechanic to maybe fix your car, or a stylist to maybe cut your hair. Lead generation should be no different. With Better you don’t pay for leads that maybe turn into sales. You pay for results.

We guarantee profit in your first 30 days – or don’t pay us a cent. (Yes, seriously.) We’re a results-driven agency, dedicated to your success. Profits guaranteed, or don’t pay. That simple.

About us

Lead Generation.

Hey there! James, here – Founder & CEO of Better As a lifelong digital marketer I’ve worked with an array of companies, and saw no industry quite as flipped on its head as staffing. 

Companies like Indeed have dominated the field, leaving all too many people overbidding for mediocre candidates. We’re here to fix that.

As a results driven agency, our approach is broken up into three elements:

  • Attract Quality Candidates (with Targeted Google Ads)
  • Generate Leads (with a High-Converting Website)
  • Simplify the Sales Process (with our Better Leads Manager CRM)

All of which fully managed by yours truly, and backed by our Application Overload Guarantee.

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Jake Candiotti, Founder & CEO of Better

Sales Process

Application Overload Guarantee

Lead Generation


Software Features

The features that make delivering qualified, niche-specific candidate leads to your staffing agency a breeze.

Qualified, Niche-Specific Candidates

Quality Lead Generation

Your clients have specific demands – which means you have specific demands. Our team works with you to find qualified candidates in your clients’ specific niches.

Simplify Your
Sales Process

We’d like you to meet Better Leads Manager: our custom sales software designed to simplify your lead management & sales process. We provide an easy-to-use solution for every step of the way: from notifications on incoming leads, to storing resumes, to streamlining your follow-up process & more.

Profit or
Don't Pay (Yes, Seriously)

Backed by our Application Overload Guarantee: if you don’t profit in the first 30 days, you don’t pay us a cent. That simple. We’re a results-driven agency, dedicated to your success – and we’re not afraid to put our money where our mouth is.

our process

The Step-By-Step

We deliver qualified, niche-specific leads to your agency everyday. Here’s how:

Ahh – the first date! We’ll run through a quick overview of your business, your goals and our services to see if we’re a good fit.

(30 min)

Our plans

Plans for Every Agency.

Plans to fit any agency, at any stage.


Perfect for smaller agencies looking to experiment with new marketing outlets.


Our most popular package – everything needed to bring in fresh leads & fill your client’s most in-demand roles.


For established agencies looking to take it to the next level. (Not for the faint of heart.)

15 Minute Call With Our Experts. No Sales BS. Just Strategy.


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Place quality, in-demand candidates for your clients or don’t pay a cent, backed by our Application Overload Guarantee. 

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